Very Personable

Ms. Irene Reyes-Smith, the author, is very personable and passionate about sharing her story with other female LEOs. I met her at a National conference a couple months ago. We immediately connected by sharing stories about our respective pregnancy and maternity leave experience with our departments. It’s refreshing to know I was not alone in my experience; however, at the same time, sad we each shared a negative experience. As I continue to read and encourage other female LEOs to do the same, hopefully we can become a change agent in our respective departments so future female LEOs do not have to endure the same. I highly recommend you read and follow this phenomenal woman!

Jay Taylor

I love the Author

This project and book is amazing and if you haven’t purchased your copy please do and support. Awesome story and very transparent will bless you!!!

Love Qeyana


I Love my Aunt and so proud of her . What a journey and the trans pan y of her life is astounding . This book has been a blessing and I love how she incorporated the scriptures throughout. Go Auntie so amazing and excited for what the future holds for you.

Love Janet’

Janet Canales